- Northamptonshire Adult Learning Venue Rushden Hall

Rushden Hall  

For any enquiries relating to this venue please email AL-Venues@northamptonshire.gov.uk


Hall Avenue  
NN10 9NG  


Parking: On site carpark available, with designated disabled bays, close to the building entrance, parking is from the Hall Avenue entrance as appose to Hall address itself. Bus – Closest would be the town center, there may also be a stop at Hall Avenue
Internal Access: All classrooms are located on the ground floor. There are two entrance doors – for three downstairs rooms, the usual process would be as tutor / lead arrives they are given access to room, which then allows tutor to let others in
External Access: Venue is located in grounds of a public park and so outside, whilst flat from car-park also has uneven areas to other entrances
Toilets: Disabled toilets are available on all floors used by Adult Learning. There is one toilet located the ‘morning room’ this is all gender and fully accessible. There is a gentleman’s toilet upstairs but it is best practice to just use the one toilet.

Assembly point at rear of building fully accessible from all ground floor fire escapes