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Art History  


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Code: UZZ3DA09  

Starting: Wednesday 14 April 2021 

Duration: 11 sessions over 11 week(s)

Start Time: 10:00 

Location: Virtual Classroom - Zoom  

Cost: F=£95.75; R=£32.23  

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This online course, using Zoom for delivery, is to learn more about the subject and develop new skills. Using Bacchus & Ariadne, by Titian 1522 as a springboard; learners will examine why images within this artwork ‘look’ as they do. Discover the story behind the text, and how five fingers can help you analyse an image. “Strike a Pose” invites the learner to observe why art images within the canon of Western European Art History look a certain way within a given text.  


Time and duration

Start Date: 14 April 2021
Start Time: 10:00
Day: Wednesday Morning
Session Duration: 01:30
Number of Sessions: 11


Virtual Classroom - Zoom  
ZZ99 9ZZ  

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