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Ancient World's Myths, Magic And Religio  


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Code: AZZ3BA50  

Starting: Wednesday 22 February 2023 

Duration: 4 sessions over 4 week(s)

Start Time: 19:00 

Location: Virtual Classroom - Zoom  

Cost: F=£38.00; R=£14.90  

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A four-session course that will be looking at the fascinating subject of myth, magic, and religion in the Ancient World and how all three intersected and informed each other.
The aim of the course is to give a general introduction to Greek and Roman religion by looking at what we find in the ancient sources and archaeology available to us. The course will primarily look at how the Romans and Greeks interacted with the gods through the temples they built like the Parthenon in Athens, the sanctuary at Delphi and its Oracle as well as the place of festivals they celebrated like the Saturnalia or the Lupercalia in the Roman world. It will also look at how people perceived magic, how it could be used against people and how people protected themselves from any harm that could be inflicted through curses.


Time and duration

Start Date: 22 February 2023
Start Time: 19:00
Day: Wednesday Evening
Session Duration: 01:30
Number of Sessions: 4


Virtual Classroom - Zoom  
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